About DEX®

DEX® consumes data in multiple formats, validates, transforms and analyzes that data and then exports/transfers that data to the carrier or its partners in a format and delivery method acceptable to the partner.

DEX® functions & features

Partner Onboarding

  • Setup/Registration
  • Receiving/Validating test files
  • Finalizing partner setup
  • Escalation and notification

File Processing

  • Sequence diagram and processing path
  • Interaction with policy administration systems
  • Status transparency and analytical insights


  • File processing status and reconciliation
  • Record level processing status and reconciliation
  • Drilldown capabilities & reports

Why DEX®

Support sales growth through an improved delivery model, positively impacting producer, tech partner, ER, and EE experience

Reduce operating expenses through automation, reduction in rework, and increased visibility of enrollment status to all internal and external business constituents

Reduced technology expenses via sunset of antiquated tools and capitalizing on integration and automation opportunities

Handles all enrollment stages from enrollment setup through record processing, with full visibility and metrics in all stages

Provides both operational and performance metrics and KPIs across the ecosystem

Data exchange and enrollment processing solutions

  • Enables enrollment processing (300+ sources)
  • All file formats (XML, json, csv, .txt, etc.) as well as LIMRA’s LDex format
  • Is both EDI and API enabled
  • Securely receives and validates incoming datasets
  • Consumes product and case rules from a product engine/policy admin system
  • Interrogates enrollment data against product and case rules:
    • Validating records in good order (IGO) for immediate processing, while
    • Pending records not passing one or more validations (NIGO)
  • Automatically notifies designated stakeholders of status